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At a glance “Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiah Patiya, Chittagong, Bangladesh” [vc_empty_space height=”5px”]

Synopsis Of Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiah Patiya

Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Geographical Situation City Of : It Is Situated Distance Of 26 Km To The South-East Of The Chittagong, Port-Bangladesh.
Established : 1357(H)-1938 AD.
The Founder And First Rector : Distinguished Saint Mufti Azizul Haque (RH).
The 2nd Rector :  Internationally Famous Sage Maulana Muhammad Yunus (RH).
The 3rd Rector : Allama Muhammad Harun Islamabadi (RH).
 The 4th Rector : Allama Nurul Islam (RH).
Present Rector : Allama Mufti Muhammad Abdul Halim Bukhari.
Ideology : Tawheed And Sunnah Of The Prophet (SM).
Aims And Object : To Diffuse Islamic Theology; To Produce Efficient Teacher And Preachers And Also To Train The Students In Modern And Technical Education.
Stages Of Education : Primary, Secondary, Graduation, Post-Graduation And Specialization In Different Faculties.
Strength Of The Teachers, Staff And Students : 150 And 5000 Respectively.
Funds: : (Ι) Donation & (ΙΙ) Charity (Sadaqah).
Approximate Yearly Expenditure : $ 4,60,000/= U.S Dollars.



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Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiah Patiya

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiah Patiya; is the largest non-government Islamic varsity in Bangladesh. It is one of the renowned sears of Islamic theological erudition for preaching of Islamic culture, tawhid and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (SM).

This Islamic varsity upholds the aims and objects to enlarge the horizon of religious activities and performances through teaching and preaching. It also aims at producing efficient and competent teachers and preachers to work in multifarious institutions and fields of social life at home and abroad. Besides imparting comprehensive Islamic teaching and knowledge, it also aims at introducing technical and vocational training as well as knowledge of modern science, so that its students can play important roles as useful and true citizens of the nation.

That salient feature of the Jamiah is that, in addition to imparting teaching from elementary level of dawra-e-hadith, there are faculties for specialization in deferent subject; such as hadith, feqah, tafsir, Arabic and Bengali literature etc.

At present, there are about 5000 student including a good number of foreigners and new converts. All the students enjoy the facilities of free learning, accommodation, water-supply, electricity etc. they are also provided with text and reference books from its library without cost.

About 2,500 deserving poor students are provided with free meals. A notable of poor students including new converts are provided with dress, medical aids and other fringe privileges. Al-Jamiah maintains two funds-1) donations and 2) Sadaqah (charities). The former meets salaries and allowances of the staff and constructions and the latter meets the expenses of meals. Dress etc. of the poor students. The Jamiah has no permanent source of its income. Hence, it is solely dependent on the blessing of the almighty Allah as well as donations, aids and charities of benevolent brothers-in-Islam at home and abroad.


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