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Al-Jami’ah Al-Islamia (Jamiria Kwaasamul ‘Ulum) Patiya, Chittagong Bangladesh. One of the best-traditional scholars in the Indian subcontinent, in light of the founding context, which was a religious movement and revolution, reform and struggle. Connected to the west bank of the historic Karnafuli river, Chittagong city of the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Historical Patiya thana (former subdivision), located about 12 kilometers away from the east-south bank of the city. This city is the historic, traditional and multi-revolutionary memorabilist. History is known from

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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu, Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiah Patiya; is the largest non-government Islamic varsity in Bangladesh. It is one of the renowned sears of Islamic theological erudition for preaching of Islamic culture, tawhid and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (SM).
This Islamic varsity upholds the aims and objects to enlarge the horizon of religious activities and performances through teaching and preaching. It also aims at producing efficient and competent teachers and preachers to work in multifarious institutions and fields of social life at home and abroad. Besides imparting comprehensive Islamic teaching and knowledge, it also aims at introducing technical and vocational training as well as knowledge of modern science, so that its students can play important roles as useful and true citizens of the nation.

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সেহরীর শেষ সময় - ভোর ৩:৪১
  • ফজর
  • যোহর
  • আছর
  • মাগরিব
  • এশা
  • সূর্যোদয়
  • ভোর ৩:৪৬
  • দুপুর ১২:০২
  • বিকাল ৪:৩৮
  • সন্ধ্যা ৬:৫১
  • রাত ৮:১৭
  • ভোর ৫:১০

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